Paul Pintard

by Margaux Ricard

by Margaux Ricard


Creative photography technician, videographer and UAV operator, passionate about cars and aeronautics.
Produced many pictures and movies for humanitarian association, newspaper and glider club.
Good social contact due to my work experience.

 Professional Experience  

Production of many automotive vidéos for the brand Benzin Paris, France - June 2018 until now

Production of wedding videos Sarthe (72) - June 2018

Production of my videobook 100% UAV                                                                                                                                                        South of France.- Fabruary 2018

Production of a clip for Skaliente, a local music group.                                                                                                                                             Foix, France. - Décembre 2018

Production of a clip for Fénix, a local music group.                                                                                                                                                     Tarascon sur Ariège, France. - Août 2017

Waiter full-time in a Thaï restaurant. 
Giggling Squid, Guildford, England. - December 2016 - June 2017  

Promotional video for a glider club, aerial shots, on-board camera, timelapse, planning  
formation flight.  
(LFNW) Les Planeurs de Puivert en Quercorb, Puivert. - September 2016  

Press coverage of a sculpture exhibition.                                                                                                
Il ne fallait pas me créer libre, Pamiers. - September 2016  

 Web-doc for a sport centre for high level athletes . Underwater shoots, steady-cam, movie  
ADHOC Performances, Toulouse. - July 2016  

Presentation movie of my crew for the rally race Red Bull Cocorico.  
Red Bull Cocorico, Alpes/Côte d’Azur. - June 2016  

400 pictures taken for the humanitarian association « Enfants du Désert » (Desert Children) to  
renew their stock of images for promotion, website and posters.  
Student rally raid 4L Trophy, Morocco. - March 2016  

Still life/E-commerce photography for a medical textile company.  
Médical Textile Ariègeois/Top Sportif, Lavelanet. - February 2016  

Trainee position in a newspaper as a journalist photographer.  
La Dépêche du Midi, Toulouse. - August 2015  


Technical Skills  
Digital photography  
Still life, architecture, portrait, fashion, view camera, medium format, (Hasselblad, Phase  
One), automotive photography, advertising, landscapes, aerial photography, pack-shot,  
press report, time-lapse/hyper- lapse, digital editing.  

Silver photography/Polaroïd  
Shooting, developing roll, print.  

Video clip  
Music clips, web docs, report, advertising, press report, video editing, story-board. Current  
use : DSLR Canon 5D Mk3, GoPro Hero 5 and Dij Inspire 2 + Zenmuse X5S.  

Computer skills  
Daily use of Mac and Windows, software used : Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge,  
Premiere Pro ; Sony Vegas ; Microsoft ICE, Office ; Capture One. 
Upload on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.  

2016 Photography Technician  
École Technique Privée d'Art (ETPA), Toulouse (France)  
2014 Management Science Baccalaureate  
Major in management information systems, Lycée Gabriel Fauré, Foix (France) 

Personal skills and competences  
French: mother tongue  
English: proficient user

Social skills and competences  
Enjoy working with figures
Engaging in continuous learning in order to broaden knowledge and experience  

First Aid and CPR Certification (PSC1) Diploma for youth leaders and workers (BAFA)  

French driving license  

Others skills and competences  
Glider pilot
Classic car restoration (Austin Mini 1000, Renault 4L)